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More than the sum of its parts: Headquartered in Göttingen and with a stable dedicated line to Hamburg, our interdisciplinary team works together in close coordination in a targeted manner, allowing synergies to emerge and generating real added value. Together we grow beyond ourselves!
Do you want to appear at the top of search engine results pages, address new target groups via social media, relaunch your website or establish yourself as a brand? Our team of experienced specialists and hungry marketers delivers strategy and conception as well as creation for the sustainable increase of your sales.

Siska Wilde

Tribe Master

André Reß

Tribe Lead

Daniel Gerlach

Tribe Sales

André Reß

Anett Michael

Kerstin Schmitz

Leon Ewert

Martin Onken

Marie Amelie Elbeshausen

Mario Leinweber

Philipp Zettler

Sebastian Giemsch

Wanja Fabian

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Stefano Viani

CEO & Founder, Göttingen

Nadine Bisikati

Management, Göttingen

Daniel Gerlach

CEO, Göttingen

Alexander Strizhakov

Engineering Director, Kyiv

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How We Work

  • Our Vision

    Blackbit is an internationally recognized agency brand for digital commerce.
    Blackbit stands for holistic strategies, agile methods, and their successful implementation.
    An agile customer- and employee-oriented organizational structure ensures high profitability.
  • Our Mission

    We accelerate your company's development in digital commerce through outstanding brand experiences and relevant added value.
    To do this, we rely on leading technologies, an agile corporate organization, and innovative methods that put people as users, business partners, and employees at the center of everything we do.
    In doing so, we make our contribution to positively shaping the future.
  • We Are Customer-Oriented

    We recognize that our customers are the driving force and foundation of our business. We start with our customers' requirements and align our organization, methods, and values with them. We prefer sustainable solutions to short-term effects.
  • We Draw Creativity from Diversity

    We welcome diversity and use its power. When everyone has the same background and experience, there is limited knowledge. However, drawing from a diverse spectrum, we can approach challenges in a different way and find new solutions. A diverse team fosters innovation and new ideas. This increases our chances of success. We see our diversity as a key to corporate successes such as profit and growth.
    A Blackbit team member must recognize the importance of diversity and strive to work in teams that embrace it.
  • We Deliver Quality

    We do not compromise on quality. Our services and solutions are indisputable. We think big and try to see the whole picture without losing sight of the details. This allows us to identify important influencing factors in advance and deliver results of the right quality on time. Even when we face setbacks, we rise to the challenges and never give up.
  • We Love Communication

    Communication, understanding, trust, partnership – in a turbulent, volatile world with constantly and unpredictably changing conditions, we rely on customer relationships based on partnership. This is how we realize success for our customers and for Blackbit. A partnership is built on trust. Trust is based on understanding. The beginning is direct and honest communication towards our customers.
  • We Work as a Team

    We value the individual commitment of our employees as much as we value teamwork. We respectfully question decisions with which we disagree, even if this is unpleasant or stressful. We fight for the best solution and are not afraid to take a critical view. We seek other perspectives and never stop challenging our beliefs. Once we have reached a consensus, we work with perfection. Competence, focus on results, and respect – that is what makes our team successful.


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