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HubSpot – Growth with Inbound Marketing Software

HubSpot is the software for effectively generating leads via inbound methodology and converting your sales goals into measurable revenue growth in the long term. The focus is on authentic and personal customer relationships to establish a strong brand with sustainable growth potential – the recipe for success for growing businesses!

HubSpot is the all-in-one platform for digital commerce. It enables customers to be supported throughout the entire customer journey – with customer-focused content from the initial interest, through the successfully completed purchase, to subsequent service support. In the end, potential customers become advocates for your company.

Successful Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

The methodological basis of the HubSpot marketing tool is based on the inbound marketing methodology: Potential customers become aware of your company by means of relevant and high-quality content and can interact with you via various channels such as email, live chat, or direct contact. The seamless meshing of different marketing methods (content marketing, SEO, website management, social media, email marketing as well as lead management) offers the feeling of customized customer experiences. Demonstrate your company's expertise by providing more in-depth information and resources to your customers through a tailored content marketing strategy and by offering them world-class service.

Targeted Marketing with Relevant Content and High-Quality Content

Compared to traditional outbound marketing, broad-based advertising campaigns that require you to fight for the attention of your target audience are avoided. This is because they entail considerable effort while at the same time causing high wastage. Instead, you place your company as trustworthy through customized content marketing and thus build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

The All-In-One Platform for Digital Commerce

However, HubSpot is more than "just" content management software because each individual tool within HubSpot supports your company in implementing a holistic brand strategy. Based on an overarching CRM system and the precisely coordinated interlocking of marketing, sales, and service, you stay close to your customers at every stage of their customer journey.

Your Inbound Strategy

Address potential customers and newly identified buyer personas at the best possible time with the help of the Hubspot Marketing Hub, inspire with useful content, engage in lead-nurturing or run paid advertising and analyse which measures bring the desired success and where there are opportunities for improvement.

User-Friendly Sales Hub with Integrated CRM

The HubSpot Sales Hub not only supports your sales staff by generating detailed information for acquiring new customers but also helps you automate tedious tasks using workflows to close deals faster. Whether it is creating and classifying new contacts in the HubSpot CRM or maintaining existing customer relationships: Service Hub makes it a breeze for your sales team and your customers quickly become advocates for your company.

Close to Potential Customers Thanks to Inbound Marketing

Accompany your customers at every stage of their Buyer's Journey with HubSpot. Offer the right solutions at the right time – whether via email, social media, chat, or through other channels and turn your customers from qualified leads into promoters of your company. Use HubSpot as a tool to prove your expertise, provide resources and useful content, and offer outstanding service.

Equally Suitable for B2B and B2C

With the HubSpot Marketing Tool, you put the needs of your customers in the focus of your online marketing. As a result, you create a strong foundation of trust and revolutionize your sales funnel. The result: the consistent expansion of your customer base and a long-term increase in your sales.

By means of store integration via the E-Commerce Bridge, personalization, the use of conversational tools as well as outstanding service, you create the customer experience that your target group expects from you – regardless of B2B or B2C. The intuitive usability of the CRM platform not only provides your sales team with efficient help in the area of business customers but also makes the entire team's work easier thanks to the many convenience functions and creates acceptance in all departments for the use of HubSpot.

Intuitively Usable Tool for Fast Results

You do not need any technical skills or programming knowledge in your company to use HubSpot's user-friendly software, because ease of use and easy process optimization are at the forefront of HubSpot's approach.

Each tool can be used separately and is powerful in its own right, but when combined through joint customer relationship management, they are unbeatable: Whether Marketing Hub, Service Hub, Sales Hub, or the new Operations Hub – as an all-in-one solution, the strengths of your company in retail with end customers and in the consumer goods sector are played out and initial successes are quickly visible.

The Most Important Functions for Digital Marketing in One Tool

With the powerful HubSpot Marketing Hub and content management system, you benefit from centrally controlled functions for your inbound marketing strategy:
Customizable Content Marketing
Target content specifically to certain buyer personas, publish blog entries or e-books, and place them unerringly.

Target-Group-Specific Landing Pages and Freely Designable Call-To-Actions
Follow a fixed content strategy and guide your potential customers along with the content that appeals to them – until a successful purchase is made.

Need-Based Email Automation
Create strategically planned and personalized email campaigns and create individualized marketing automation to implement your marketing strategy and drive successful lead nurturing.

Centrally Controlled Social Media Marketing
Create and plan individual social media posts up to entire marketing campaigns and consciously select which social media channels you use.

Extensive Communication Options
Help your customers get in touch with you by offering exactly the channels your customers prefer – all connected by a common CRM.

Support Your Customers with the Right Tools at the Right Time
Quickly and easily create chatbots or surveys to get valuable feedback and develop improvement opportunities.

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  • Shop includes powerful content management system

  • Configurability and adaptability add a huge value for customers

  • Emotion meets functionality - shop page with embedded blog content

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