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SEM from the Specialists: Visibility on Google, Microsoft Bing and YouTube

We generate visibility for your company on all channels where your target group can be found.

No matter whether your future customers are looking for specific products, offers or services: The beginning of a search on the Internet is usually a Google search. Better rankings through organic traffic, additional visibility via Google Ads, and advertising around YouTube videos bring you more clicks, more traffic and more sales in digital commerce.

We advise you comprehensively in Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEA), show the potential of a targeted SEO strategy within your online marketing, and implement your campaigns in Search Engine Marketing so that your target group can find you in every search engine.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization for Organic Traffic

Optimization and Content Marketing for Organic Traffic

Organic content is search engine optimization before any search engine advertising. It promises long-term success in organic search.

As an online marketing agency, we create content – both specifically for your target group and for the Search Engines. After all, serving your customers' search interests with landing pages that are optimized for specific topics in terms of content and structure gives search engines the best possible findability. Classic measures of on-page optimization are for example:
Pillar pages with special SEO content
Search Engine optimization of existing content
Technical SEO: adequate rich search results and data structured in a predetermined format

Your SEO Strategy

We bring your website into the focus of the right target group by generating sustainably better rankings in Google search results for your offer. Our consulting and SEO services for the scheduled and verifiable optimization of your website include:

Analysis of the Current State
A comprehensive SEO audit including market and competitor analysis shows where you stand. What does your website rank for and for which keywords do your competitors' sites rank? Where does search engine optimization bring quick, initial success, and where can you invest in better long-term rankings?

Determination of Your SEO Strategy What do you want to be found for? We determine what your defined target group is looking for and make use of the unused potential of your website by precisely determining users' search interests, sought-after keywords as well as keywords with unused potential using various SEO tools and integrating them into your SEO. Benefit from our know-how!

Creation of a Content Strategy
Based on keyword research, we determine exactly what your target group is looking for and with which keyword advertising measures you will be found by new customers. For this purpose, we create landing pages and content clusters that are optimized in terms of content and structure so that they can be found by search engines in the best possible way.

Implementation and Analysis
Our SEO monitoring via Searchmetrics provides you and us with important insights. From tracking individual keywords to the impact of complex SEO measures to the analysis of entire campaigns. No problem for us thanks to Search Console and other tools.

Search Engine Advertising: Traffic via SEM

Invest in targeted search engine marketing (SEM) and thus directly in the visibility of your company on the Internet. Place ads via Google Ads, gain attention through YouTube Ads, or start entire campaigns to actively promote individual products, important events, or your company and brand.

SEA: Our Service in Search Engine Advertising

We place and manage ads and ad campaigns on the most important platforms and formats to achieve your business goals. So-called off-page optimizations mainly use paid advertising on various channels for link building and show great effect in a short time - depending on the budget, among other things.

Platforms, Channels and Formats for SEM

Text, display, and video ads are used on the relevant platforms to bring more visitors and new customers to your website with an activating call-to-action. As on most platforms, the trend here is toward video.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)
Our team manages your Google Ads account, sets up Google Ads campaigns for you, monitors as well as optimizes them closely, always keeping an eye on the efficient placement of your budget. With the help of Google Analytics, we generate additional insights about users of your site, the time spent on individual pages, as well as the use of search engines. This data allows for more detailed monitoring of the success of advertising campaigns.

Microsoft Ads
Formerly known as Bing, Microsoft Bing serves around 10 % of all search queries made on the desktop in Germany. This means that the search engine cannot be neglected when it comes to search engine marketing. As a website operator, you can also use the potential of the Microsoft search engine for a holistic search engine optimization of your own website and successful search engine marketing.
YouTube und YouTube Ads
As the second-largest search engine in the world, the video platform offers numerous opportunities to place advertising effectively. Whether it is non-skippable in-stream ads or skippable in-stream ads in YouTube videos, out-stream ads targeted at mobile devices, as well as upstream bumper ads, and more. It is not without reason that YouTube advertising is an integral part of our consulting service.
Native Advertisement
Get visibility on the most popular websites on the Internet: With Native Advertisement Ads via Taboola and Discovery Ads via Outbrain, we significantly increase your reach as well as traffic and engagement with your content. An option that should not be left out of any professional SEA consulting.
Affiliate Marketing
In the context of so-called affiliate marketing, we use advertising opportunities on pages of another website operator to promote your brand or individual products there. Depending on the target group we choose the Belboon affiliate network or the world's largest affiliate marketing network for e-commerce and online marketing, Awin.

SEA for E-Commerce: Increasing Sales for Websites & Shops

Are you active in e-commerce and run one or more online stores? Then you should engage in targeted product marketing to increase your sales. To do this, we rely on the following channels and place targeted product ads:
Google Shopping
Google Shopping gives you the opportunity to target new, potential customers with products and services from your store. The decisive advantage: Your product ads are integrated directly into the Google results page and displayed precisely according to the search term. Anyone searching on Google for something you offer will see your products – right at the top of the results page, ahead of all organic search results.

Microsoft Shopping
Drive more new customers to your products using Microsoft Shopping campaigns. Showcase your products in customizable ad formats and effectively stand out in the marketplace with custom images, up-to-date pricing, and your company brand to appeal to your target audience.

Online Marketplaces
Do you also offer your products via relevant online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, idealo, and the like? Generate more visibility via the ad services of Amazon, eBay or idealo - in various formats that can be scaled as desired.

Pages for Price Comparisons
Are you entering a price war with your products? Place paid ads on the most successful platforms for network-wide price comparisons and increase visibility and sales.

SEA-Experten für ganzheitlichen Erfolg: Blackbit ist Google Premium-Partner

We can justifiably claim to be among the certified elite in Search Engine Marketing. Because our services in Search Engine Marketing are officially recognized – we are proud of that:

Blackbit has been a Google Premium Partner since 2022, placing us in the top 3 % of Google Partner agencies throughout Germany.

Our agency is the holder of the SEA Quality Certificate of the BVDW for the third year in a row.

At the same time, Blackbit is not a pure SEM agency specializing in Google Ads optimization. Rather, we offer our excellent SEA and SEO services as part of our comprehensive e-commerce support. The integrated service guarantees holistic strategic planning, consulting, and implementation as well as sound, data-based evaluation, and optimization from a single source.

SEM Consulting for the Success of Your Site

Our SEM consultants will work with you to find the right online marketing strategy and target group for your company to get you started in search engine marketing. Contact us!
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