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Social Media: Your Booster in E-Commerce

The web is a lively and social place. We exchange ideas with others on an unimaginably wide variety of topics, acquire knowledge online along the way, research complex issues and the best products, sift through reviews for services and goods, look for recommendations and testimonials, and much more. In the process, we come into direct contact with brands and expect communication at eye level. Because the days when manufacturers, brands, and retailers fired up consumers with promotional content are over.

The Path to Your Goal Leads Through the Social Networks

The digital age is also the age of social media. Commerce via the Internet increasingly thrives on equal exchange with potential customers. But their attention span is short, their time accounts are tight. Anyone who attracts negative attention online is quickly ignored and permanently muted. The customer's ear may remain closed forever. Efficient social media marketing is more than just imitating current trends.
With the right strategy, original and especially authentic content, and clever placement of your content, social media can pave the way to success for your business. Therefore, use your social media presence consciously and according to plan, involve your customers directly, and profit from your online business.

Social Media Targeting: Define Target Groups Correctly and Address Them Directly

Get to know your target audience and understand their personal interests and preferences. Whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or YouTube: Together with you, we identify your target group, the right platform for your company, and your marketing goals, design, plan and implement your campaign – detailed monitoring and precise evaluation included.

Social Media and E-Commerce – Social Shopping Is The Future

Nowadays, social media are more than the classic personal platforms. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Co. have reached a new level of significance, especially for e-commerce: Instead of customers having to go through the laborious search for suitable products or services to ultimately find your company, you can target them directly using your social media activities – no need for influencers or other representatives of your brand. That is because e-commerce via social media works through targeted campaigns with credible content. To do this, you should know your target group precisely and market your products or services as authentically and approachable as possible. In this way, you will convince your target group and promote your e-business in the long term.

Our Service: Social Media for Your Success

Don't just advertise, get in direct contact with your customers via social media platforms and listen to them carefully. You can learn a lot from them about your target group. Thereby, you have many possibilities, which we can use together with you for your business: We help you with everything from planning, conception, and implementation on the various platforms to monitoring your posts, ads, and campaigns, as well as community management.
Brand Building and Product Placement
Social media forms an important touchpoint for future customers with your brand and products. Gain attention, interact with interested parties, and become better known: We help you from brand building to lead campaigns and beyond. Because you can also build trust with your customers after the sale by seeking direct contact via social networks, answering questions about the product, or providing valuable experiences and tips.
Social Media Advertising via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Co.
Social media are the marketplace of our time – both in the B2C and B2B sectors. Provide recommendations, get in touch with customers and promote your product on various social media platforms by means of target group-specific campaigns.
Although classic, paid advertisements are also possible in social media, campaigns that are precisely adapted to your target group criteria and conscientious optimization based on active monitoring help to reduce undesirable scatter effects. You see successes faster and your valuable budget is not unnecessarily strained.
Organic Support
What would you like to say about yourself, your brand or your company, and your products? Tell the story of your company and stay in the consciousness of the social media community. We create authentic and original content for the complete social media presence of your brand or company – tailored to your target audience and their preferred platform.
Blogpost Editing
Does your site offer its own blog? Great! Keep your customers up to date with detailed articles about new products, innovations in the industry, news from your company, or other relevant topics. Use your social networks for distribution, set up editorial plans together with us, adapted to the platforms used, and automate the publishing process.
Recruiting & Employer Branding
Your future professionals have a social life. And current employees also like to see how their employer operates on social media channels. That is because it gives them the opportunity to identify with you and increases their commitment to you as an employer.
On social media, you have the attention of your followers and fans and achieve further visibility for your content via ad campaigns.
Do not just use this high-reach medium for products and services: Tell something about your company and get involved via social media in scalable recruiting and employer branding campaigns, which will ensure new applicants and at the same time feed your employer brand.
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Do You Want to Achieve More in E-commerce with Social Media?

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