Open Source CMS

WordPress, the Lightweight CMS for Successful Content Marketing

Take advantage of WordPress: the world's most widely used content management system (CMS) will meet all your requirements and, as free open source software, offers a blog system and the free choice of a hosting provider.

With the easy-to-use technology, you can customize your web presence exactly to your liking with little effort. Your individual layout, the option for multilingualism of your WordPress site, and many other options are available.

From Homepage to Online Store: Customizable for Your Business

Thanks to the widespread use of the open source solution, WordPress gives you the opportunity to integrate a wide range of plugins and extensions to meet your individual needs:
Create and maintain your company website,
Present products from your store or production,
Set up your own download area,
Integrate an online calendar,
Integrate an internal, protected area including login and
Connect HubSpot as your CRM directly to your WordPress homepage or
Set up your own online store based on WordPress with BigCommerce!

WordPress Workshop: We Make You Fit In WordPress

With WordPress, you have a flexible technology, and with the necessary know-how, there are almost no limits. In a joint workshop, we determine the goals you want to achieve with your WordPress site and choose the appropriate means to do so – from software to plugins and other extensions.
We will create your custom layout, produce photos, and choose the right graphics and images that will put your business in the right light.
Blackbit delivers authentic and guaranteed original content, which we create especially for your site and which you will not find anywhere else.
We provide the technical implementation of your WordPress site as well as the integration of all additional extensions and plugins.
We train you and your employees in the use of WordPress so that you can maintain your content independently and on your own.
We provide the hosting and perform the associated management service – from regular backups to critical updates.
In addition to the technical maintenance of your site, we can do much more for your corporate or store site:
Target-group-specific Search Engine marketing (SEA), the targeted production of Search-Engine-optimized content or the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of existing content, as well as scalable Social Media support on the channels of your choice.
  • After the relaunch, Expresso was able to significantly increas its online revenues

  • Shop includes powerful content management system

  • Configurability and adaptability add a huge value for customers

  • Emotion meets functionality - shop page with embedded blog content



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