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Content Marketing and E-Commerce

Valuable content is at the core of an outstanding user experience. Especially in e-commerce, detailed product descriptions are indispensable. In the virtual space where products cannot be touched, tasted, or experienced in any way, content builds the bridge to the prospect and makes the difference to the competition clear.

WordPress Is an Easy-To-Use Content Management System

Structure and operation make WordPress the first choice as a CMS for smaller organizations with low requirements for user management, corporate policies, and administrative processes. Content can easily be published in the form of web pages and blog posts. Sophisticated designs can be implemented inexpensively with the help of WordPress themes. The idea of adding e-commerce features to the valuable content with the help of a WordPress plugin is obvious.

BigCommerce for WordPress

BigCommerce for WordPress is a plugin that combines the flexibility and openness of the WordPress platform with the scalability of BigCommerce's robust e-commerce platform. With BigCommerce for WordPress, you focus on expanding the user experience of your front end without stumbling over the multiple pitfalls of e-commerce integration.

BigCommerce or WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin widely used on the international market, while the BigCommerce plugin is still relatively unknown in Germany. The concepts of both plugins are completely different and plausibly explain the advantages and disadvantages of both e-commerce solutions. WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates the e-commerce functionality completely into WordPress. Catalog and checkout use the same resources as WordPress. The BigCommerce plugin synchronizes the catalog with WordPress and creates products, categories, and manufacturers as custom post types – the checkout is implemented via the BigCommerce API as a headless function.

WooCommerce for WordPress
BigCommerce for WordPress
Difficult to scale as WordPress and WooCommerce share the same resources.
Easy scaling, as the critical part of the checkout is implemented as a headless commerce plugin of a SaaS solution.
Safety and Maintenance
WooCommerce requires many additional plugins, which makes the installation error-prone and increases the maintenance effort.
BigCommerce offers all the functionality through a single WordPress plugin, plus a powerful back end with many convenience features.
WooCommerce is free of charge, but it is difficult to estimate the follow-up costs due to additionally required plugins and server adjustments.
BigCommerce rates start at 29,90 € per month. However, many tools are included from the start and unexpected server scaling costs are not to be expected.
There are countless themes and plugins for WooCommerce. With patience and a little technical expertise, WooCommerce can be customized almost arbitrarily to your own ideas.
The possibilities to customize the BigCommerce plugin are limited unless you modify the open source code. In that case, there are no limits to the customization.

Omni-Channel with BigCommerce

If you sell through multiple WordPress sites, the products are stored centrally in BigCommerce and most of the settings are done in BigCommerce. Each WordPress site represents another sales channel. Thus, different sales channels like a BigCommerce storefront, WordPress online stores, Google Merchant Center, a Facebook store, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay can be served in parallel.


BigCommerce for WordPress is a real alternative to WooCommerce. It allows rapid growth of your e-commerce sales without the speed of your WordPress installation becoming an obstacle. The BigCommerce solution ensures PCI compliance out-of-the-box and, as a SaaS solution, it is secure and reliable. The plugin's responsive rendering adapts to your WordPress site. BigCommerce far exceeds the functionality of other e-commerce WordPress plugins and supports complex catalogs with up to 600 variants per product.
  • After the relaunch, Expresso was able to significantly increas its online revenues

  • Shop includes powerful content management system

  • Configurability and adaptability add a huge value for customers

  • Emotion meets functionality - shop page with embedded blog content


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